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Fjellborg and Vikings Vinland are official representatives of

The Vikings UK -
the oldest and largest Dark Age reenactment society in the world.

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From the fury of the Northmen deliver us!

Our 2018 event line up

March 17  -  St. Patricks Day Parade in Denver

May 5  -  Heritage Fair in Fort Luptron
June 24-25  -  Scandinavian Midsummer Fest in Estes Park

August 4-7 - 128th Annual Islendingadagurinn in Gimli


Join us as Colorado's Fjellborg Vikings take you back 1000 years to a time of raids, wars, exploration and cultural change influencing much of Europe, England, Russia and even reaching the Americas! Fjellborg Vikings expects members to learn about history by studying the period known as the Viking Age. As a member you would be able to advance your "kit" as you acquire or construct period appropriate clothes, weapons and armor, or tools and craft skills. Your personal exploration of period lifestyle and culture will be reflected in the nature of the person you may choose to portray.

We attempt to make our reproduction artifacts as close to the originals as modern materials allow. Following an authenticity standard, the same accepted by other Viking age groups in the USA and the UK/Europe creates an atmosphere of knowledgeable learning. Becoming period is a process and an attainable goal and though we are aiming for realism; we want to remember that learning about history should be fun.

At the events we put on, such as demonstrations of camps, period skills, crafts and trades, you may take part in or witness any number of ancient professions being performed by like minded reenactors. All events are geared to be safe and intended for full family participation.

Fjellborg Vikings engage in exciting steel weapon combat as in the standards established by states side members of The Vikings, along with all other Viking age reenactor groups who have adopted the UK/Europe and Australian standard of The Vikings reenactor group. This serves two purposes. First, it provides the necessary common language so that different groups can come together for reenactment with a minimum of new rules to learn.

Second, through the wholesale adoption of The Vikings standard, North American reenactors will be better prepared for attending and doing battle at European events. In combat we use rebated metal weapons (Sharp edges blunted) and authentic helmets and leather gloves. Safety is maintained by extensive training, practice and the use of controlled or "pulled" blows, often refered to as "staged" combat.

Our website:
Please feel free to wander deep into this website. Though this is the public face of our Colorado based history club, our philosophy is that history and the hobby of reenacting should be open and available to all.

Visit the Upcoming Events page, check it often to stay updated on meetings entailing crafting or combat training, special events and planned public demonstrations and events. On the Member's Gallery page you will find photos and links to active members personal galleries and the Viking age reproductions they have made or traded for that make up their personal "kit". Items in the personal galleries are often the results of our crafting meetings which demonstrates that Viking age crafting is something everyone can learn. (You too could be acquiring these skills, or... you might have something to teach us! Either way, we'd love to hear from you!). The FAQ's about Fjellborg page provides interesting points about our group and the hobby of reenacting but the Resources for Members page is especially intended to provide valuable Viking age links, providing "how to" skills, history and approved Viking merchants. The web is full of useless content and e provide those links for those, new or not, to Viking age reenacting.

Visit our Affiliations, Benefactors and Support for Fjellborg page. Help us thank the generous contributors to our hobby who help us provide public education about the history and scope of the Viking age Scandinavian people. Then too, please Join Fjellborg Vikings us, if you feel so inclined. We have a thriving community of history buffs, in Colorado, the surrounding states, across the continent as well as internationally. You as well, can be part of the fun.

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