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This page is presented to help members get a quick start on learning about the Viking age. There are many other sources of information on the web but these are considered to be the most reliable. As your knowledge base builds, you will learn to discern the authenticity based sources from those based on fantasy. Though this hobby of reenacting is often called "interpretive" or "experimental" archeology, it is an art, not a science.
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Basic Kit Authenticity:

Authenticity - Basic Kit Guide: From The Vikings-UK Male & Female.
A Protocol Guide for Authenticity Testers: From The Vikings-UK.
Basic Clothing Guide: From Regia Anglorum Male & Female.
Practical Worksheet for Tunic Construction: by Cynthia Virtue.
Viking Tunic Construction: by Carolyn Priest-Dorman..
Viking Men: Trousers: by Hilde Thunem.
Viking Resources for the Re-enactor: From Žóra Sharptooth, SCA Male & Female.
Viking Nobles : From Historiska Världar Male & Female. & Warrior. (Scroll down to last three. Text in Swedish.)
Reconstructing the Costume of the Viking Age: by Viktoria Persdotter of Fröjel Gotlandica.
Shoe Designs of the Northern European Dark Ages (c.700-1000) by Marc Carlson.
VIKING SHOES: by Danr Bjornson (A PDF file).
Viking Shoe Patterns: by Hafgrim Gunnarson
Wickelbander: Leg wraps by Peter Beatson.
Recreating Viking Clothing: by Hilde Thunem.

Women's Clothing:

Female Viking Costume: From The Vikings-UK.
A Reconstructed Viking Woman's Outfit: By Shelagh Lewins.
Viking Women: Aprondress: By Hilde Thunem.
Viking Women: Underdress: By Hilde Thunem.
The aprondress from Kųstrup (grave ACQ): By Hilde Thunem.
Viking woman: From Historiska Vardar.This is a reconstruction of that type of outfit many of Birka's higher-ranking women were buried in the 900s. (Text in Swedish.)
Reconstructing a Viking Hanging Dress from Haithabu Peter Beatson and Christobel Ferguson
A Quick and Dirty Look at Viking Women's Garb in the Ninth and Tenth Centuries: By Carolyn Priest-Dorman.
Viking Apron Dress: A New Reconstruction - By Ellisif Flakkari (Monica Cellio)

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Skills Training: Persona Development...

Modern Rebated Steel Combat:

Anglo Saxon Authenticity Assessment: From The Vikings-UK.
Viking Warrior Authenticity Assessment: From The Vikings-UK.
Minimum Safety Requirements For Weaponry and Combat Gloves For Vikings Combat: From The Vikings-UK.
Safety Gloves: From The Vikings-UK.

Historical Combat/Weapons:

The 'Viking Shield' from Archaeology: by Peter Beatson.
Ninth Century Shields from Tira Bog, Latvia: by Peter Beatson.
Viking Age Sword Types: as illustrated by Jan Petersen (PDF file).
Viking Use of Archery - by Judson Roberts
Using a Hatchet to Make a Bow -by Stephen Coote

Armour, History and Construction:

M.A.I.L. (Maille Artisans International League)
Preliminary Analysis of Mail Armour: - by The Cleveland Museum of Art
The Gjermundbu Mail Shirt: - by Stephen Francis Wyley

Viking Names:

Old Norse Names: From The Viking Answer Lady.
Scandinavian Names: From The Academy of Saint Gabriel. SCA.


A Very Brief History of the Scandinavian Languages: by Talan Gwynek, Academy of Saint Gabriel, SCA
Learning Old Norse: by Harry A. Smith

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Viking Age Cooking:

Early Medieval Norse Food & Feasting: by Alistair Ramsden SCA.
Norse Foods: From EARLY PERIOD Magazine. SCA.
Patrick's Food Ramblings - Food history|Europe|Viking: From Patrick Cauldwell's Blog.
The Culinary Saga of New Iceland: From Grandma on the net.
Horrible Icelandic Delicacies: More Nordic Foods: From Ancient Worlds
Dark Age Food - Ydalir Vikings of the VUK

Camp Skills:

Flint & Steel - from Ydalir Vikings of the VUK
Flint & Steel Fire Using Tinder Fungus - on You Tube, also check out related videos.
Outdoor Skills - by Boy Scouts of America. Viking? Some things are universal.


Saxon Geteld - from Ydalir Vikings of the VUK
Panther Primitives Viking "A" frame, Norman-Saxon and Getelt tents.
Painting Your Tent- on Dragonwing SCA. Normally it's not recommended to paint designs on Viking age tents but there is good information is useful for special exceptions.

Textile Arts:

Viking Tunic Construction: - Carolyn Priest-Dorman, SCA
Practical Worksheet for Tunic Construction: - by Cynthia du Pré Argent, SCA
Tablet Weaving, How to use a lucet on Phiala's String Page SCA
Nalbinding Socks: Methods of Construction by Shelagh Lewins.
Textile Resources for the Re-enactor - by Žóra Sharptooth (Carolyn Priest-Dorman) Big list of things.
Drop Spindle Spinning from Mielke's Fiber Arts
Tablet Weaving Links - by Rosemary Brock
Making Cordage By Hand - by Norm Kidder

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Viking Age Art Styles:

Viking Art Styles The sophistication and delicacy of Viking art presents a striking contrast with the stereotype of the rude and restless barbarian. - by Archaeology in Europe Archaeology in Europe
Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History Eastern Europe and Scandinavia, 500–1000 a.d.
Hurstvik article It is customary to divide the sequence of Norse art into six successive styles. A particular style lasted for a period of time, but was not immediately replaced by a new style. Rather, the two styles coexisted for a period of time. It's remarkable how quickly new styles overspread the entire Norse sphere of influence. Clearly, communications between the various parts of the Viking world was excellent, and new artistic styles were carried from place to place and were readily adopted.

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Working Bone and Horn:

Using and Working With Horn - by Marc Carlson, - Best Site!
Bone and Antler Working - on Regia Anglorum
Two Late Saxon Combs from Longmarket - by Ian Riddler
Combs from Antiquity, the Middle Ages, and Renaissance Also broad Database on all sorts of material, Site Map Larsdatter, SCA.
Making your own drinking horn - by Baron Vladimir of Esztergom SCA
Make yer own Drinkin' Horn - by Two-Feathers I reck'n, ayup!

Viking Woodworking:

Woodworking in the Viking Age - by The Viking Answer Lady
Wood types for Viking Artefact's - on Neil's Research Home Page
Wood-Working - on Regia Anglorum
Early Wood Lathes, Spring-pole Lathes - by Rose & Pentagram Design
The Shaving Horse - by Tom Rettie
Recreating Two Early-Norse Tool-Chests - from The International Journal of Nautical Archaeology

Viking Age Metal Work:

Pewter Casting in Stone Moulds Darrell Markewitz of the Wareham Forge
Metalworking and the Smith - on The Viking Network

Mythology, Beliefs of the Viking age:

Norse mythology: - on Wikipedia
Scandinavian folklore: - on Wikipedia
Christianization of Scandinavia: - on Wikipedia

Further Resource Pages:

The Viking Answer Lady by Gunvor. Ever growing, always the best!
Sven skildbiter's Index Page: From Australia.
Viking Age Club & Society-Sons of Norway: From Minneapolis, Minnesota , lengthy resource lists.

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Recommended Merchants and Supplies:
IMPORTANT! Though we do recommend these merchants we cannot always endorse their wares, and it is the responsibility of each person to ensure quality and accuracy of their purchases. PLEASE get advice, ESPECIALLY if you are choosing to go off from the recommended items listed here.


Manning Imperial - Spangen Helms Best
Mercia Sveiter Dark Age Helms
Viking Shield - Viking helmets: Preferred, riveted plate or Spangen style helms. Avoid Vendal, Coppergate, Sutton Hoo, or highly decorated helms and the leather helm.
Swords of Might - Spangenhelm Helmet Size Large Very good, Spangenhelm Helmet Size Medium Very good.

Swords, Axes, Spears:

Viking Shield - Amour Class Viking Swords: Look for any style labeled "Blunt" and "Reenactment" if you are looking for a combat blade.
Paul Binns Swords - UK Site:
Track of the Wolf -Medieval "Tomahawk" Axe, Viking Throwing Axe
Ragweedforge - Ragnar's Thrown Weapons Catalog

Archery Equipment: Low cost, basic stick bows for combat and better bows for serious shoots, arrows
Pacific Yew Longbows - Look for "D" bows.

Shield Bosses:

Mad Matt's Armory - Bosses Better (Do not buy the stainless!)
Viking Shield - Center Bosses Recommended for most fighters (Still, do not buy the stainless!)
Manning Imperial - Shield bosses Best, heavy and strong. Long wait on delivery.

Viking Age Clothing:

Historic Enterprise Men's Dark Ages Clothing: Women's Dark Ages Clothing: developed in consultation with the Authenticity officers for Regia Anglorum in the US and the UK, and The Vikings in the USA.
Bohemond Bootmaker & Cordwainer: Handmade leather boots, shoes, and footwear for living history groups, and historical reenactment groups including Viking age.
Recommended... -Viking Toggle Shoe (M&F) -Jorvik Shoe (M&F) -Hedeby Shoe (M&F) -Anglo Scandinavian Shoe (M&F) -Vlaardingen Shoe (For women)

Jewelry, belt ends, buckles, etc.:

Bronzehammer! - Viking age bronzes, jewelry. High quality work.
Raymond's Quiet Press - Brooches, pennanullars, cloak clasps, belt buckles, stiffeners, and tips, spurs, crosses, Thor's hammers, pendants, hip belts, helm brasses and drinking horns.
Mercia Sveiter - Large assortment of Bronze. Silver and Gold plate items. Museum quality.
Thorthor's Hammer - Reproductions of historical antiquities ranging from the Early Celtic to the Medieval periods.

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