Rolan is an Anglo-Saxon thegn born in AD951 during the reign of Edred, King of Engla-lond. Like his father before him, he worked a grist mill for the earldorman of Warwick in Mercia. He lives at a time of when Engla-lond is struggling to resist the murderous incursions of Viking marauders. After coming of age, Rolan served two months of every year as a rank-and-file member of the general fyrd (citizens’ militia) as a ceorl (commoner). He fought at the Battle of Maldon in AD991 against the Norsemen lead by Olaf Tryggvason. The fighting was protracted and bloody, the English resistance stiff, but in the end the English suffered defeat and many brave thegns perished on that field. For his fierce defense at Maldon, Rolan was afterwards elevated to thegn and given land to hold for King Aethelred the Unred. He continues to serve in a fyrd that consists largely of senior-ranking thegns and fewer ceorls – and to defend the realm against the Vikings. 
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