I hail from Daneland! There, in the Vejle Fjord I served my Chieftain and the folk for 4 years of duty. This is where I was born and raised, a beautiful land full of bounty. All young men in the Vejle Fjord serve, that is those who are from the Fjord. Myself, like most young Danes, started my service at age 17 and was later granted a great honor, to join the war abroad in Danelag. My service to the Vejle Fjord was a pleasure, while fighting in the name of Daneland against the Saxons was real work! Those damned Saxons! The land of the Angle and the Saxon is a gray and wet land with many hardships and many slaves. Too many valiant men did I see butchered on the battlefield, in that muddy, bloody mess . . . Danelag.
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Story of Kusi's father, Ræf Sighfrith

Kusi's voyage to Danelag

March to Jorvik